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Biokleen produces plant and mineral based products that effectively clean while keeping families, pets and our planet green. Biokleen is free of toxins, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, alcohol, artificial colors & fragrance. They instill a belief that a home free of toxins is a home full of love.  


Special Products

The Pink stuff is a heavy duty cleaning paste intended to remove grime and build-up with little effort. The pink stuff is vegan and safe on all appliances to remove tough residue or limescale.  

Our dawn & vinegar mix is a safe alternative and tough on grime without harming special surfaces. 

We also have an array of products on hand for special projects or tougher stains upon request. 

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* some cleaners may change based on product availability but we always purchase green, plant based products. 

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Essential oil room sprays

Our homemade room sprays are made with essential oils and natural ingredients. 

  • Our Berry own spray "Lets Stay Home"

  • "Cranberry & Orange"

  • "Snowplace like Home"

  • "Snickerdoodle"

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