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Policies & Code of Conduct

At Berry Clean LLCare we committed to providing you with exceptional cleaning services while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. To ensure a positive experience for both our clients and our staff, we have established the following policies and code of conduct.

Residential Client Policies & Code of Conduct

1. Communication

-Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

-All communication must go through our office staff and not our individual cleaners, this is to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Any service requests, add ons, date or time changes, or any other requests must go through the office staff. For the quickest response please call or text 406-702-3118

-Reminders are sent 3 days and 1 day in advance of cleaning appointment. Your scheduled clean are not contingent on the delivery of these reminders. If you are a reoccurring client your clean is on a perpetual schedule unless requested otherwise. 

-We are available to call through our office phone 406-702-1116, texting 406-702-3118, or email We monitor these forms of contact consistently and will respond as soon as possible.  


-1 time cleans & initial cleans will require a card be placed on file before booking a spot on our calendar. 

-We will automatically charge the card on file the day after your clean is completed. 

-Acceptance of the estimate or booking a clean acknowledges client has read and fully understands the scope of work they have requested as well as agrees, and consents to Berry Clean LLC policies, and Client Code of Conduct posted on our website. If for any reason the credit card on file is declined there will be a $15 late fee per day payment is not received.


-Walk-Throughs/Estimates: We require walk-throughs to confirm (and adjust) the estimates provided. Both for price and time allocation. If a walk-through is not possible, for whatever reason, a job may not be able to be done to completion. We will make every effort to accomplish a job both to completion and standard. However, the absence of a walkthrough may not allow for this. We make no service guarantees on homes that did not receive a walk-through.

-We revisit and revise, if necessary, our recurring schedules on an as-needed basis to ensure logical efficiency. If a schedule pivot is needed for a specific client, neighborhood, or general area you will be notified immediately and we will work with you to make the schedule adjustment as convenient as possible. For example, we all know winter in Montana can cause unsafe road conditions so we may move our schedule around to ensure our cleaners are driving efficiently and as safely as possible. 

4.Pets (we love our fur clients and all of our cleaners are pet friendly)

-If your pet has any 'accidents' while our team is in your home we leave this to the discretion of our cleaners. We do not require them to clean up this kind of mess.

-We cannot be responsible for any pet escaping and appreciate you letting us know so our team can accommodate and try to ensure your pets safety. 

-We cannot be responsible if your pet tries to consume our products. All of our products are hand-crafted and made with natural safe ingredients. 

-Pets roaming your home after cleaning WILL redistribute hair and dust.

-Most importantly, if a pet acts aggressively at any time during a clean our team will leave to protect their safety. The clean will still be charged as usual with no refund or rescheduling. An animal with aggressive tendencies should never be allowed to move freely in a home while our team is performing their job. If we experience aggressive or protective behavior we will make future visits contingent on the animal being secure.

5.Products & Supplies

-Our hand-crafted cleaning products are made of blends of castile soap, dawn, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and similar ingredients to make natural safe products. We like to accommodate our clients and use products that you prefer but we ask that any requests for preferred products or tools must go through the office staff to ensure safety for our staff and consistent cleaning of your home.  

6.Initial Cleans

-Our initial cleans is meant to set the standard of cleaning for our team to efficiently clean your home for future visits. We recommend prior to starting reoccurring services to have an initial clean completed. 

7.Special Service Requests/ Add ons

-Requests for any additional services or add ons must be arranged at least 1 week prior to your scheduled clean. We may not be able to accommodate large requests so please contact the office to set up. 

8.Damages or Breakage

-If one of our team members accidentally breaks an item they will leave a damage form on your kitchen counter and someone from our office staff will contact you for the value of the item to be compensated. If the item was damaged or already broken in some way, the team is not responsible for the damaged item and we will not compensate. 


-We ask that before accusing one of our team members of theft you consider the last time you saw the object in relation to who else has been in your home (family, friends, other service providers, contractors etc.), if children, a spouse, or yourself may have misplaced it. We will not entertain accusations of theft that can not be proven nor will we terminate the employment of a team member with a spotless track record accused but not proven of theft. We will work with clients to attain proof or if proof is even attainable. Team Members proven guilty of theft will be terminated immediately as well as any necessary legal action. We will work to get back the stolen item or monetary replace their value. A receipt or some type of proof of purchase is required for monetary compensation.

10.Cancellations & Reschedules

-We ask for 24-48 hour notice for all cancellations or rescheduling. 


-We will not enter your home if we are displaying symptoms of active illness. If we need to cancel or reschedule a session due to illness on our team we will inform you ASAP and reschedule at no additional cost to you.

-If anyone in your household has thrown up or had a fever in the last 24 hours your clean will need to be cancelled or rescheduled. If it is possible to have the sick person in a room with the door shut during the time the cleaners are there then we go forward with the clean. 

-If one of our cleaners comes up sick we will either schedule a different team or we will reschedule to the next available time spot we have. 

12.Issues or Concerns with service provided

-We have a 12 hour policy for complaints. Let us know within 12 hours of the clean and we will be happy to come back and redo the areas of concern. We can also add it to your next clean and we will be sure to follow up with our team and you.

-We do not issue refunds.

-Other service providers, contractors, family members, or animals moving in and out of the home in this 12 hour time frame can void the policy. 

13.Photos/Before & After

-Our cleaners will take before and after photos for the portfolios and training as well as for our website and/or social media. These pictures are of upclose detailed areas and will not contain any identifying details of your home. We will not post any photos if specially requested by the homeowner. 

14.Price Increase

-If you move to a new home we will need to do a new estimate and can include a price increase regardless if scope of work is the same. The size, layout, or certain flooring, tile etc can change the way the cleaners need to address your home. 

-If a routine clean is skipped or you have had an event, added a new pet, remodeled, the scope of work may change and our prices will reflect the time taken.

-Please let us know if any of the above circumstances apply to you so we can make arrangements and inform our team. If we are not inform, your clean may not be completed to satisfaction, everything takes time and we must allow for the team the appropriate time. If we can accommodate we will do the clean but will charge accordingly. 

-Your quoted prices, including recurring, have a maximum number of man hours. If you are an existing client on a recurring schedule or received a walk-through and our actual work time exceeds those max man hours you will be billed $28 per extra man hour. 

-We perpetually audit our recurring client schedule to ensure the price being charged accurately reflects the current quote rate and the man hours consistently demanded by the home. If a price adjustment needs to be made, we will notify (you) the client and provide the new price and work with you to keep you on our schedule or refer you to another service provider we know and trust who more aligns with their budget.

-If a walkthrough is unable to be completed prior to service date and our actual work exceeds the max man hours we originally quoted you will only be charged $50 per extra man hour. 

-A yearly 3-5% increase will occur on Jan 1st of the new year. If we are steady on inflation we may need to increase prices due to increase of fuel, labor, and supplies. We will send out appropriate correspondence and provide amicable time for these adjustments. 


-if our team comes across pests, bed bugs, fleas, roaches, or mice the team will leave immediately and you will be charged the full amount of your invoice. If you have had pests and treated them we do not clean them up. Please have them disposed of prior to your clean. 

16.Human Waste

-While we do clean inside of toilets we do not clean sitting or standing human waste, including feces, vomit, blood, urine. If you need assistance cleaning up human waste we have several service providers that have the necessary certifications to do this line of work and we will be happy to return once completed. 


-Any scheduled cleans must have running water, electricity, heat and a/c. If the home or commercial building does not have 1 or more of these utilities the clean will be rescheduled. 

 18.Declining of service

-We possess the right to decline, halt, or terminate services if we feel our team members or our company could be put in harm's way, be treated with disrespect, taken advantage of, or slandered.

-This includes but is not limited to active cleaning sessions in progress. Conduct deemed inappropriate & unprofessional consists of but is not limited to yelling, cursing, complaining about work not contained in the scope agreed upon, accusations of damage to areas outlined in our disclaimer, disrespect due to entitlement of our time or resources outside of company hours, and sexual harassment. We will exercise this right in order to protect our team members and our reputation.

-Failure on the part of the client to behave professionally and respectfully or failure to provide a safe, respectable, and professional work environment for our team members will result in termination of services without a refund.

19.Solicitation of employees

-We take a considerable amount of time to hire, train, and develop our staff. If a client solicits one of our employees for their services separate from Berry Clean LLC, we will termibnate future services. If the employee accepts the solicitation and provides same services ( cleaning, organizing, or any scope of work related to Berry Clean LLC) the client will be subject to a fee of $500 and the employee will be terminated.

20.Changes of policies

-Berry Clean LLC has the right to change, update, or add to their policies and procedures. This is to continually provide exceptional service with dignity and integrity. 


There may be items in your home that are damaged or in need of repair, scuffed up, rotting, faded, discolored, cracked, stained, scratched, or worn. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to bring these items to our attention before cleaning services can be performed so that damage can be prevented. Our methods of cleaning are very involved and detailed. If an item or fixture in your home is in less than stable condition it could be damaged. In addition, due to the pre-existing condition of these items, we may not be able to restore them to their original clean condition.

Berry Clean LLC accepts no liability for the cleaning of these items or the damage incurred. The following list is not exhaustive and does not limit our release of liability to only these areas, but is meant as a quick reference to obvious compromising conditions that could lead to further damage to the home.

Berry Clean LLC will not be held liable for items that fall off the walls that have not been properly secured. We do not dust wall hangings that are loose or move. TVs will not be wiped down unless specifically requested by the homeowner.

Please contact the office at 406-702-1116 or email us at to communicate any collectibles or valuable furnishings that you may not want to be cleaned when we service your home. Please remove these items or furnish us with a detailed list so they are not touched during your cleaning service. If an item is irreplaceable, put it away before the clean begins.

The integrity of the protective sealant of floors, natural stone, and other surfaces is the responsibility of the homeowner. A compromised surface could be damaged by cleaning agents and moisture. Berry Clean LLC will not be liable for damage done to surfaces not properly sealed.

Resettlement of dust is inevitable, especially on initial cleans. Proper ventilation is essential to minimize resettlement. Air purifiers, salt lamps, etc. should be turned on the day of your clean. Air filters for central heat and air systems should be up to date to cut down on dust accumulation and resettlement.

Hard water stains become etched into the glass. Grout and natural stone are porous. These areas may be beyond cleaning and need professional restoration or replacement. Each initial clean has a limited about of time (30mins/task/bathroom) dedicated to hard water stains and grout. What we can not clean in that time period could mean extra time on the job. Recurring sessions receive a spot clean, with a dedicated time of 10 mins/task/bathroom. We do have products that will remove most of these issues but would need extra time scheduled please contact the office to schedule this added extra time. 

Missing or deteriorating grout compromises the stability of tile. We will not be responsible for tile that falls or breaks because of missing or deteriorating grout. Nothing acidic should be used on grout to keep grout intact.

Molding caulk in shower require special product and time and may not be able to be restored to original condition.

For the integrity of floors & furniture as well as the safety of our team members, large/heavy furniture will not be moved under any circumstances. In addition, any furniture without protective coverings on the base such as felt pads or rubber attachments will not be moved.

Client code of conduct

At Berry Clean LLC, we hope you feel comfortable and completely trusting with us in your home. We aim to always keep the relationship and communication professional, timely, and relevant. Anything less is unfavorable to both your time and ours. In an effort to cultivate a professional experience, we ask our clients to make the same commitment. The following short list of guidelines is your commitment, as our client, to our team members to keep the relationship & communication professional, timely, and relevant.

1. Clients are expected to be fully clothed at all times while our team is present. This means pants as well as shirts.

2. Language should be clean and respectful. We will not engage in political, religious, or any other sensitive topics. Degrading, sexist, or racist language will not only not be entertained but will result in our immediate absence and the session still charged.

3. Cursing at our team will result in the immediate vacating of our team and your session is still charged.

4. Any concerns about our business practices, safety measures, or policies should be taken up with our office, not cleaning team members.

5. Rudeness, whether via text or in person, concerning Policies to which you agreed upon before us ever entering your home (during the estimate request phase & estimates provided) will result in you being removed from our calendar and still charged any applicable charges that fall within our cancellation and termination fees.

6. All communication, whether in person, by text, phone, or email is subject to being recorded and logged for customer service purposes and conflict management solutions.

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