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  • Deep Cleaning
  • Standard Cleaning
  • Custom Services
Let us give you back your time so you can spend it where it matters most!




Deep Cleaning

Our deep clean includes hand wiping of all furniture, countertops, appliances, window sills, baseboards, and doors.  We also spend extra time in high traffic areas for some extra scrubbing like bathrooms, kitchen, and high up areas that are in need of dusting like light fixtures, fans, and shelves. We also spend extra time on floors getting those hard to reach areas. This service is great for our initial clean of your home or for a one-time service. 

Standard Cleaning

Our standard clean is what we do to regularly upkeep your home such as dusting, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen and wiping the front of appliances, vacuuming and mopping of floors. This service is typically for reoccurring cleans. The frequency can range from weekly, bi-monthly, triweekly, and monthly.

*You may include certain tasks or add ons to your clean anytime before the start of the service to ensure we bring special products or equipment.  

Custom Services

Our custom packages are created specifically for your home and budget and can be tailor-made to certain locations of your home or your highest priorities. Including but not limited to detail cleaning such grout brightening, floor/cabinet polishing, specialty dusting or small projects around your home. This service can be booked at anytime and for any frequency.

*These services require an in person estimate for accurate pricing and scheduling

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