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Mystery Shopper

Would you like us to scrub, wash and polish your home from top to bottom for discounts and free products?  We are currently looking to hire client evaluators to evaluate their entire experience with our company, from start to finish. These chosen clients will follow a checklist and inspect the work completed, pay extraordinary attention to detail, complete a written report, and submit it within 24 hours of their appointment ending. ( Will only take about 10 minutes of you time)  In exchange for your help, we will give you $25 off your cleaning appointment, Discounted Deep Clean Add Ons, and a free fabric spray or diffuser blend.

Our staff undergo the most rigorous and thorough training in the residential house cleaning industry. As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional cleaning services to every single client, we require Mystery Evaluators: clients who are secretly selected to formally evaluate their cleaning service, and submit a report to our management team. The results of your report is an integral element when we assess our cleaning consultants’ job performance. We want to see our business through our customers’ eyes - apply today!


Heres how it will work...

You will need..

  • A computer or Smartphone to take and send photos of the areas that you are to evaluate in your report.

  • To be observant, pay attention to detail, and to be discreet.

  • To be our Undercover Agent (Shhh)

Our Berry Shoppers..

  • can objectively evaluate a cleaning appointment

  • are able to follow berry specific instructions

  • will be discreet and behave as a regular client would

  • are honest and gives helpful feedback

  • genuinely wants to help improve and grow our cleaning consultants

What you get..

  • will be entitled to discounted cleaning services

  • Add on a discounted deep clean item

  • receive a free fabric spray or diffuser blend 

  • have a direct impact on helping us create services YOU want

  • be an influential part of helping our small business grow to be the best

  • be entered in special contests and promotions specific to our evaluators and win prizes!

Berry Clean LLC

726 Grand Ave Billings, MT 59102
406-702-1116 Office
406-702-3118 Cell
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